Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe Talk Isn't So Cheap

I recently posted a blog entry about something having to do with sexual abuse (Other than my Touched By a Rabbi post). It related a conversation I had with someone about it, and what might be done about it. I made efforts to keep things anonymous and not to let identifiable information slip, but evidently I didn't go nearly far enough in that. Upon request, I pulled the post, first temporarily; now permanently. It seems that, in my efforts to describe my struggle to decide what to do in a particular situation, I may have hurt people, and jeopardized the entire thing. I hope I didn't.

To be honest, I didn't think there were more than 5 or 6 people who actually read my blog. (My suspicion is that, other than the previous two posts, there aren't.) And I guess I failed to really understand the reach of these things. After a long conversation with someone I respect (more now, even, than before,) I think I understand it better.

Writing helps me sort out how I feel about things. It's cathartic, somehow, to set down my thoughts, sift through them, and try to really get to the crux of it all. But they say that Abraham Lincoln used to write letters to all sorts of people, that he would then put in his desk and never send. I guess that was one post I should have never let out either.

In any case, I'm sorry, and am pretty much done blogging on this topic. I do hope you'll continue reading, though. It's nice to think someone actually reads this.


Wanna Saab said...

Abe Lincoln's Letters

That story was told in the first chapter of HTWFAIP by Dale Carnegie. Specifically a letter to Ulysses S. Grant when they lost a big battle and Abe thought that U had really screwed things up. Never sent.

I think the Moody Blues wrote a song about it.

The Half-Heretic said...

I'm pretty sure that the letter you're describing was to Gen. George McClellan, actually. But there are accounts that he actually did this repeatedly. (There are also accounts that he intended to actually send them, and that his wife wisely threw them out before he could, but that wasn't the point of my post. (: )

Oh, and I'm wondering which Moody Blues song you had in mind?

Reuven said...

I see what you meant today......

rebecca said...

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