Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Irony Wall?

This isn't news. Just something I was thinking about the other day, for no apparent reason. (Actually, I think I was listening to an NPR piece about the U.S. border).

On July 25, 2003, President George W. Bush said (in reference to the Israeli Separation Wall), "I think the wall is a problem." This "wall" has drastically reduced the number of successful Islamic attacks in Israel.

In November, 2006, that same President Bush signed a bill authorizing the construction of a fence along one-third of the 2,100-mile (3,360-kilometer) U.S. border with Mexico.

Can someone please explain that to me?


Yehu said...

Bush only signed the bill, knowing full and well that it wouldn't go into effect. He never intended to build any wall or to keep out illegal immigrants and terrorists from US soil. The Israel fence was one of his typical pandering to his leftist masters. See here (and elswhere in that area)

The Half-Heretic said...

So, if I understand your post and the article you linked, you're saying that, in reality, President Bush did want the wall in Israel, but does not want the wall along the border of Mexico?

And that makes more sense?

The Half-Heretic said...

Oh, btw, I loved the Rush quote. I've always thought the lyrics to that song were great.

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