Friday, June 08, 2007

Midot Award

Last night, my oldest daughter graduated high school. We're very proud of her.

She didn't win awards last night, but that doesn't bother me. I know who she is, and so does she. So even the "Midot Tovot Award" went to someone else.

A boy came from Silver Spring (about an hour away) because he was "close friends" with two of the graduates. My daughter wasn't one of his friends, but somehow, after graduation, this kid wound up having no place to go. His friends didn't want him messing up their after-grad party plans.

So he came to our house, and my daughter and her friend drove him home. She didn't go to the after-grad party.

The Midot Tovot Award winner did.

But I still think she won.


Ezzie said...

Mazel Tov!!

And since we know her, we agree. :)

Wanna Saab said...

Wow. I (think I) have midot tovot, but I don't think I'd have missed my own grad party to drive 2 hours round trip taking home someone I didn't even know.

I've heard other nice things like that about your oldest daughter.

The Half-Heretic said...

Yeah, I guess you have. BE"H you'll get to know her better next year, and you'll see.

rebecca said...

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